Chlorella done better

Meet your elite, natural multivitamin, grown in the Portuguese sunshine.

Support your body with 100% natural nutrition


    Take 4 (or more) capsules daily.

    All in one go, or 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon, you choose. Take with water, smoothies or sprinkled on food.


    Rejoice! You have just replenished your body with top grade:

    Antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, protein (with all 9 essential amino acids) Omega 3 + Omega 6, vitamins, minerals and prebiotics


    Repeat steps 1-2 daily for a nutritionally rich diet.

    Battle degenerative disease, purify your systems and enhance immunity, energy, endurance and recovery.




  • RAW

  • NO GMOs


How does our chlorella compare?

Other brands
Can I trace where the chlorella came from?
100% grown and produced in Portugal to highest standards
Often from multiple non-EU countries and poorly regulated
Am I ingesting bulking agents?
No fillers, just 100% pure chlorella in a vegan capsule
Often bulked out with unknown fillers
Is the nutrition bio-available?
Cracked cell wall (by spray drying) so you can completely access the goodness
Poorly prepared, leaving the body unable to access most of the nutrition

Customers living a healthier and happier life

  • I use Chlorella to maintain my energy and immunity during long, hard training spells and to support my recovery from workouts
    Yuri, 26, entrepreneur and crossfit competitor
  • I discovered I was iron deficient and anemic. I started taking chlorella - capsules, smoothies, you name it! I'm feeling so much stronger but my skin and hair have never looked better!
    Leonie, 35, chemistry teacher
  • Chlorella has been a lifesaver while I’ve been breastfeeding. It’s helped to fortify my breast milk and boost my immunity. It’s my best advice for new mums.
    Sophy, 35, account director and mum
  • Wasn’t sure about taking chlorella in the beginning but after about 3 weeks my digestion was transformed and so was my complexion!
    Julia, 62, grandmother