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Hi! We're Joanna and João. We're cousins and we founded The Algae Hub.

We were both looking for something fresh and meaningful to tackle, and soon found ourselves immersed in the world of algae. Algae are a beautiful, ancient - and as of lately rediscovered resource.

We are only just unlocking the true value of algae such as chlorella. We are at the beginning of understanding the impact and potential benefits that algae could have on our health and many industries beyond.

The promise of algae, done properly and at scale, could change the world for the better. We were delighted to find a blooming European industry, with some of the best producers in the business right here on our doorstep.

We chose to start with Chlorella because of overwhelming research results for its use as a preventative health supplement.

Research suggests that incorporating algae into the daily diet, even in small quantities, can hugely optimise overall health and longevity.

Most Chlorella, however, is sourced from outside the EU where production standards may vary or fall short. We were lucky to find local producers with state of the art facilities, growing sustainable Chlorella to the highest production standards, with full testing and traceability. The premium quality of our Chlorella is a testament to their dedication and care.

For us, there should be no compromise on quality or efficacy when it comes to health and nutrition, especially when the benefits can be so life changing. We aim to produce the best quality health supplements possible, no exception.

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